The English Theater Group was founded


to promote cross-cultural understanding between students,

to provide broad access to theater on campus and

to create an international network


by providing an English language working environment.

The English Theater Group was inspired by a plain remark of Dr. Stefan Schlensag: "A plays needs to be acted out, not just read." Little did he know what he set in motion back then. Meant as project group to stage a Shakespeare play in the beginning, the idea changed. In 2014 the English Theater Group was founded.


The English Theater Group was envisioned as a group that brings together domestic, exchange and international students. The first decision was to make English the working language. However, working with exchange students comes with chllanges. Many only stay for a semester, maybe a year. We wanted to provide a chance for each member to play on a stage in front of an audience. Together with the English Student Council, the group has two such performances each semester, the Fiasco and the Graduation ceremony of the English students. There we perform short skits and short plays.


Besides we try to put together an ETG evening each semester, where we perform a bigger production.


In 2015 the group was acknowledged as an official student activities club. 2015 was another milestone for us: We participated at the Festival de Fès de théâtre universitaire in Fez, Morocco. Our very own Cornelius even got award the "Best Actor Award" for a non-academic actor.


We are very dedicated to what we do, but we also acknowledge that we are not professionals. This frees us to be playful. The groups first and foremost aim is to bring people together. That is the one thing we try to live up to.